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NETELLER vs Skrill – Best E-Wallet for Online Roulette & Casinos

Online Roulette games has become so popular these days, and as a virtual game that require money being invested, it has become essential to find a secure, reliable and easy to use method of depositing funds and withdrawing your winnings from your casino accounts. The introduction of E-wallets have actually met this need. E-wallets are a digital wallet, where your money is stored to enable you make online transactions without having to use the traditional method of physical cash deposit each time. As a result, these e-wallets provides you with a safer and simpler transactions. The two leading e-wallet companies are NETELLER and Skrill ( so the focus of NETELLER vs Skrill post is to make a comparison between these two e-wallet giants and their features allowing you to make the choice that best suits your need. NETELLER vs Skrill | Origin Both ewallets are registered in the United Kingdom and, both…

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Stop paying PayPal Fees with only 1 click

Don’t pay any more PayPal fees, how many times have we paid a purchase with PayPal and realized that we paid much more? PayPal fees may seem little, but ” give away” about a 8% of our money is not fun, and that is what we do whenever we pay by PayPal. Stop paying Paypal Fees ! I have particularly used NETELLER for years, because I can make purchases without paying fees, but that can be done, and in many cases the only option was to use PayPal, only when I noticed my spending increased by approx. 8%; not using NETELLER caused me much trouble, but what I could do? They were the rules of the game…  weren`t they?