Family Time, From having to spend extra hours at work every day to sitting in traffic or having to travel long distances for your job, parents are spending more time away from the home than ever before. Unfortunately every minute spent away from home is another minute that you are separated from your spouse, partner, or children. But just how important is family time, and how can you create more time for your family? Here’s what you need to know:

The Importance Of Family Time

Having the ability to spend time with your family is an extremely important aspect of development with children as it gives parents the opportunity to teach and help their children grow. Spending more time together and making that time count helps parents bond with their kids and provides a wide range of benefits for children.

The Homeworker

Lucy Mangan explores what the future holds for homeworking. Who wins employer or employee? Earlier this year Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Meyer made the shock announcement that the company was banning homeworking, isshe swimming against a tide that’s taken time of its own to turn and is this trend which still holds challenges for employers, now about to go in reverse?

More Time Together Promotes Emotional Bonding

One of the best ways to strengthen a family and bring them together is through spending quality family time together. By doing things as simple as cooking as a family, doing chores together, playing a board game together, or going out for a trip is an opportunity for family members to share similar experiences and interact with each other. This is an important part of healthy emotional development, especially for small children.

Family Time Can Have A Positive Impact On Academics

Fathers and mothers that are able to spend time with their children in an academic way has been shown to promote academic success or children according to recent studies. Being available to help with homework, answer your child’s questions, read together, and engage in other activities can result in better performance in school compared to children who don’t spend enough time with their parents.

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Behavioral Problems Decrease

Children often look to their parents when they need guidance in life, and when those parents aren’t available it can create difficult situations for children. By spending family time together, parents can listen and talk with their children, give advice, and build a nurturing and safe environment that ultimately results in less behavioral problems.

Family Time Is Important For Parents

It isn’t just children that benefit from having time to spend together. Parents that are able to bond with their children are typically less stressed, feel a greater sense of accomplishment, and tend to worry less about their children. Family time is a great pillar to build a happy home and marriages between couples who spend quality time together frequently are less likely to end in divorce than parents who are often disconnected.


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The Underlying Cause Of Not Spending Time Together

Clearly being able to spend time together is beneficial for each individual member of the family, so why aren’t more families doing so? While personal computers, tablets, televisions, and other distractions are more common than in the past, there are a few common issues that result in parents and children of all ages not being able to spend as much time together as they need to. Here are some of the most common reasons that families aren’t spending quality time together as often as needed:

Not Planning Time Together

A big reason that there is not enough family time in the home is due to scheduling and timing issues. By taking the time to plan out your schedule to fit with other family members you will typically find yourself able to spend more time together. Setting dates early, such as trips to the park, or making a dedicated night where you cook together can be a simple way to spend have more family time.

Not Having Enough Time To Spend Due To Work

The leading cause for a lack of family time is because one or both parents are caught up with day-to-day work related tasks. 40 hour work weeks are not as common as they used to be and many parents have to stay late, leave early, or spend days or weeks traveling for their job. The more time spent traveling to work and staying out of the home for business is less time that parents are able to spend with their children. Fortunately there are solutions available for people who need to provide income for their family but still want to be able to spend as much time together as possible.

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