Don’t pay any more PayPal fees, how many times have we paid a purchase with PayPal and realized that we paid much more? PayPal fees may seem little, but ” give away” about a 8% of our money is not fun, and that is what we do whenever we pay by PayPal. Stop paying Paypal Fees !

Stop paying Paypal Fees

I have particularly used NETELLER for years, because I can make purchases without paying fees, but that can be done, and in many cases the only option was to use PayPal, only when I noticed my spending increased by approx. 8%; not using NETELLER caused me much trouble, but what I could do? They were the rules of the game…  weren`t they?

These are PayPal fees

A few months ago I made 2 operations by paying with my NETELLER card through PayPal.

In the first operation I sent $500 to a friend abroad, this is the transaction showing in PayPal.

Paypal Fees 500

But in fact sending $500 via PayPal cost me $544.31, that is to say $ 44.31 more than expected, that can be seen you in the photo below that is a photo of the transaction from my card from my NETELLER account.


The second operation I made was a purchase, where the only payment option was PayPal, and made a purchase of $10 and this is the receipt of the operation.

Paypal fees 10

But like the previous transaction, the real money that I spent on my account was $10.79, almost  8% more than the purchase price. This is a picture of the options.


By trying to know why I paid PayPal fees for more than 8% when they allegedly say their Commission is zero, I found the reason and the solution to stop paying PayPal fees.

Why does PayPal charge fees?

The thing is this, technically PayPal does not charge fees for certain services, but they had to make money somehow, so what they did was to generate a currency exchange operation, to be able to collect a hidden Commission, why do I say this? Look at the image below, the currency of my NETELLER e-wallet is USD but PayPal makes a currency exchange into Pounds by making a Forex operation and gets an extra value which is the one the user ends up paying, but PayPal indicates zero Commission.

Stop paying Paypal Fees

What can we do to avoid paying PayPal fees?

The procedure to stop paying fees of PayPal is very simple. We have to tell PayPal we don’t want them to make changes in currency, but that, if applicable, this will be done by the bank that issues the card.

The fastest way of changing the settings is to go at the instance of making a purchase.

First, we arrived at the time of payment with PayPal, in this case it is a product for $27.


Before making payment, we should go to the Conversion Options and select the second option, so PayPal cannot make any Forex Conversions.

paypal conversion options 2

After accepting, the option of currency exchange should already have been changed and now you can pay without PayPal making the forex operation.


Since I implemented these changes in the cards associated with PayPal, I’ve saved lots of money in fees or Forex expenses, as you wish to call them.

In the next image you can see the transaction is made in the same currency, so there is no longer a forex operation.

Neteller-transaction without conversion rate paypal

Bear in mind that PayPal conversion options settings have to be performed on each card associated with PayPal.

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